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Brazilian FAQ


Q: How Long Does a Brazilian Waxing Session Take?

A: A usual session takes from 20 to 45 minutes. The initial session will probably take longest with each subsequent session taking a little less time as hair growth becomes reduced and easier to remove.

Q: What Happens in a Brazilian Waxing Session?

A: The Esthetician will give you instructions prior to stepping out of the room. You will be instructed to remove clothing from the waist down, possibly use a cleansing cloth, then you lie down and cover up your lower body with a towel. The Esthetician will return to the room, she will cleanse your skin with an antibacterial prep lotion prior to wax. She will then use a spatula to spread a thin layer of hot wax on one area at a time removing the wax while holding the skin taut and pulling in one short, sharp pull against the direction of hair growth. Of course, in this area you are pretty exposed and have to be OK with being handled in some pretty strange ways.

The pubic area is often very sensitive and therefore painful to wax and different people experience different levels of pain. It will probably take a day or two after removing hair for the skin to settle down and for any redness and bumps to disappear. After that you should start to gently exfoliate the outer area to avoid any ingrown hairs.

Q: How Long will the Area Stay Free of Unwanted Hair after Brazilian Waxing?

A: Anywhere from two to eight weeks depending on the rate of growth. The first waxing session will show a sooner rate of hair growth return and longer periods of time after subsequent waxing. You will need some regrowth if you want to go for waxing again so that the wax has something to grip, usually at least a month between waxing.

Follow-up sessions are generally less painful and shorter than the first session because regrowth is generally weakened the follicle and you know what to expect during the session.

Overall, waxing should be a tolerable experience and the end result is reduced and diminished hair growth. The practicioner should make you feel comfortable and educate you on your waxing experience.